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The Morris Lane Distillery philosophy is simple; make world class spirits using Australian grown grains, fruits and botanicals.


After a 4 1/2 year journey, our Victorian Wheat Whisky finished in an exBrandy American Oak Barrel is ready!


This one is not for the faint hearted; it is being released at 56% ABV and it is a stunner!


Beautifully rich and aromatic; fruit cake, spice and caramel, coupled with the amazing mouthfeel that wheat brings, this is a whisky not to be missed.


Why wheat you ask? Making whisky from 100% wheat is unusual but when you have access to world quality grain, it makes sense. On top of that, wheat brings a natural smoothness and sweetness to the spirit and paired with an amazing barrel makes for a dangerously delicious whisky.


Each bottle comes in a beautfully packaged black box and a whisky glass.

Victorian Wheat Whisky - Brandy Barrel Finish

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