Booking & Cancellation Policy

We have implemented the following booking and cancellation policy:


  • It is strongly recommended that you book a table; this helps us with our planning and staffing. Whilst we do accept walk-ins, these will be subject to space and staffing. Pre-bookings will be given priority.

  • All groups of 2 or more guests will be required to provide a credit card at the time of booking; your credit card will NOT be charged nor will it be stored.

    • We don't accept bookings over the phone. This is for a couple of reasons; 1) we are rarely near our terminal to book you in and 2) we require your credit card to secure your booking, given the level of credit card fraud that exists, we don't feel comfortable taking your card details over the phone.

  • If you cancel your booking within 48hrs of your booking time or are a no-show you will be charged $20 per guest cancellation fee.

  • If you need to cancel or modify your booking there will only be 2 acceptable ways:

  1. Call us! (we are very friendly) 0417085941 - if we don’t answer leave a message!

  2. Use the links within the your booking confirmation to manage your booking


  • Booking cancellations or modifications will not be accepted via email, text or DM’s via Instagram or Facebook.

  • Seating

    • You may request specific seating (i.e. outside, lounges, etc.) we cannot guarantee your request, but will do our utmost.

      • ​For lounge bookings, we only have 1 lounge that can seat a maximum of 5 people. Our other lounges can accommodate between 2-3 people, lounges will not be joined together.


  • Food/Menu Requests

    • At this time we do not offer vegan menu options

    • We offer a limited range of vegetarian options

    • We offer a limited range of gluten free options, however if you are Coeliac we cannot guarantee that our menu is completely free of gluten. We respect your condition.

    • When you book, you may provide us with dietary information, but we cannot guarantee all requests can be met, if this is the case we will contact you.