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The Morris Lane Distillery philosophy is simple; make world class spirits using Australian grown grains, fruits and botanicals.


Our Bendigo Billy Gin has been inspired by the rural and regional areas of Victoria and Australia and the pioneers who made billy tea a staple of their way of life.


Our most complex gin to date, we've used the same botanicals that we use in our Statler's Bendigo Dry Gin and working with our friends at Tea Associates in Bendigo, utilise their Bendigo Billy Tea to add a real Australian flavour to this gin; Eucalyptus leaves, lavender, fennel seeds and black tea add some incredible depth of flavour through the natural oils in the Eucalyptusand lavender.


This is a big gin, designed to take on big flavours! An Australian tonic such as Long Ray's, coupled with a big piece of fresh Aussie orange is a must! In the winter months, this gin will be a winter warmer neat or over a large block of ice.

Bendigo Billy Gin

  • 500ml

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