This Cocktail Kit is designed for those that love to make their own pink cocktails at home!


We've provided all of the tools to make your perfect cocktail, all high quality stainless steel and glass. PLUS enough ingredients to make 2 Pink Collins and 3 Blush 75's! Perfection!


The Cocktail Kit contains:


1 x 250ml Morris Lane Distillery Tia's Pink Gin

1 x 750ml Rothesay Estate Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc

1 x 300ml Long Ray's Soda

1 x Citrus garnish pack

1 x Stainless steel shaker

1 x Stainless steel jigger

1 x Stainless steel cocktail mixing spoon

1 x Stainless steel hawthorne strainer

1 x Stainless steel conical strainer

1 x Mixing glass



Cocktail Kit - Pretty in Pink